KEDIRI. Monday, (06/11) Volunteer Rumah Zakat Kediri is ready and enthusiastic to leave for Ifthar location. This time, the ifthar was conducted in Dusun Magersari, Margopatut Village, Sawahan sub-district, Nganjuk district. To get to the destination, the volunteer team had to travel 50 km with difficult road contour, so it takes a long time to take the location, the local television media “KSTV” also participated participate in covering this activity.


Ifthar program this time, local television media KSTV participated by covering these activities. Magersari Hamlet is chosen for Ifthar with Rumah Zakat because most of the economic condition of its people is middle to lower. In addition, the location is quite isolated from the capital so that the availability of public facilities is inadequate, moreover the condition of education is quite lagging compared to other villages. Therefore, no wonder if the majority of the population there is still illiterate.


Warm atmosphere occurs when Pick up cars start passing the narrow, steep and uphill road. KSTV volunteers and crew who were in one car had a scene and laughter was flowing between anxiety, fear and amazement as long as the trip was treated to charming mountain scenery.


Upon arriving, the volunteers were greeted by people enthusiastically seeing our arrival. The ifthar event of breaking the fasting started at 04.00 with a series of speeches and enlivened by mbah Karso, a figure who often adorn various programs at KSTV.


In addition to Ifthar, some children there get Eid Gift for Orphans (KLY), Al-Quran with iqro and corned beef for the surrounding community. The event finished at 10 pm.


“Alhamdulillah we are very pleased with the arrival of Rumah Zakat volunteer. I am representing the people here saying thank you for choosing our village as a place of distribution, though far away, but you are still struggling to get through it all. Hopefully his kindness rewarded by Allah, “said one resident of Dusun Magersari.


Newsroom / Nurul Ulfa



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