The cooperation between RZ and donators to ensure the success of “Gelar Anak Juara 2015” program which was held at Batam Polytechnic Auditorium, “Gelar Anak Juara 2015” held this month in December 2015 to coincide with Mother’s Day and Birthday of Prophet Muhammad which was took theme “Create more, full of achievement, become a champion”

The event enlivened by Cultural Parade, Malay art creations performance, Angklung Parade, Exhibition and empowerment stand, motivation from community leaders till inauguration of “anak Juara” alumni who have been competing in work world and develop their potentials.

The sequence of agenda “Gelar Karya anak Juara 2015″ on school holiday and at year-end holidays become long holidays for children, along with 340 orphans assisted by RZ, the purpose of the program is to motivate, discover potential and creativity of children, develop and civilize the spirit of sharing as well as talent channeling and competition.

This event was organized together with Student Executive Board of Batam State Polytechnic, IMMPB (Muslim Student Association Batam State Polytechnic), Musisy (Muslim Society Batam International University), Student Ma’had Said bin Zaid as well as Children Mentors that support the success of this event.

” Gelar karya Anak Juara 2015 2015 is the first event that was quite successful, become an event to develop talent of anak juara RZ, I’m as a Mentor Sagulung region, thank RZ, donators and those who made the event success” Said Rahmat Gunawan , RZ “Anak Juara” Mentor. ***

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