SURABAYA. Friday (11/30). The excitement of 1st grade elementary school students in SD Juara Surabaya broke out when they cooled dipping banana dough which would be covered by panir flour. They seemed enthusiastic and serious about being young chefs.

Students  close the last weekend in November as well as refreshing after the School End Assessment (PAS) with fun cooking activities. Pisang pusing are a menu choice that is easy, practical, and tasty. In the rainy season like this, it is best to enjoy fried bananas. But this time the fried banana looks different with a touch of contemporary.


In order for children to be more enthusiastic, the little chefs make a number of variations in addition to dressing with panir flour and given various topings such as white chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and sprinkled with colorful candy.


It was incomplete, if the banana not accompanied by appetizing drinks. Equipped with a glass of jelly gelatin, the students are getting healthier and more excited.

“Can I have another one ma’am? It’s delicious! “Said Nafisa, one of the students.

“In every Fun Cooking activity, all students must get a cooking learning experience. This is to train their independence and not be awkward when they have to use cooking utensils, “said Yuswaningsih, the homeroom teacher who was then accompanying the activity.



Abdullah Thabit

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