SERUNYA KEGIATAN PBS DI SD JUARA BERSAMA IBU TATI, DKKCILEGON. On Thursday (23/02), Ibu Tati, Dr. IIM, and Didi visited SD Juara Cilegon in the occasion of Smiles Sharing week (PBS). During his visit, Mrs. Tati, and her two friends would like to invite students of SD Juara Cilegon to learn while playing. Before starting the activities, students carried out al-ma’tsurat reading and Duha prayer.

PBS activity today started with a joint exercise in the school yard. After following the exercise together, students enter each class to study with Mrs. Tati, Dr. IIM, and Mr. Didi. In the classroom, students received material about Indonesian food, foods made from cassava, and also played searching for words.

When students learn to know the kinds of typical food in Indonesia, Ibu Tati has prepared a map of Indonesia, and image types of Indonesian food. Here the students as a group should determine the area of origin of the pictures they hold respectively, and paste it on the map of Indonesia that has been provided. In addition to getting to know the types of Indonesian food, students also learn about the types of foods made from raw material cassava, among others getuk, cassava, combro, Misro, and much more.

Afterwards the students playing searching for words related to the profession. Ibu Tati convey the purpose of the material presented here, so that students can get to know the types of Indonesian food, and also the types of food that is made from cassava.

“The purpose of the material presented. So that students can get to know the types of Indonesian food, and also the types of food made from cassava”, said Mrs. Tati. Dr.Iim also added that “Usually students rarely get to know the typical food of each region in Indonesia. Many students who do not know their regional food, “She added.

Students are very eager to follow this activity. Students will wait the next visit from Mrs. Tati, Mrs. Dr. Iim, and Didi.

Newsroom/ Tria Rahayu

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