SERUNYA LOMBA ADZAN DAN TAHFIDZ DI PEMBINAAN RUTIN ANAK JUARA CITANGKILCILEGON. In order to commemorate 71st Independence Day, RZ Cilegon held Adzan and tahfizd competition for RZ’s foster children ‘anak juara’ Citangkil on Sunday (08/21). This activity consists of training activities and Ceria Scholarship distribution to Children.

Guidance in the form of the race is followed by 25 anak juara consists of 11 females and 14 males with detail of educational level such as 10 elementary students, 5 junior high school students and 10 senior high school students.

“This event is one of the training materials that is routinely conducted twice a month, but the material in 2nd mentoring in this month is filled in the form of a race to enliven 71st Independence Day as well as to measure the extent recitation of the children’s Quran memorization , “said Taufik Hidayat, Citangkil Reg, coordinator

Letter memorized selection at the primary level is from surah Al-Kafirun until surah Al-Qori’ah, for junior high schools from surat Al-Adiyat until surah Al-Insyiroh, for senior high school level is surah Ad-Dhuha until An-Naba. As for the race that is technically each child choose a letter to memorize and then continued the verse given by the mentor or the jury.

The participants looked so enthusiastic about this activity. As expressed by Yusril, one of Anak Juara the winner of the race, “I am very happy with the activities, I am enthusiastic to memorize Quran.” He said excitedly.

Newsroom/Taufik Hidayat

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