SERUNYA MENDENGAR DONGENG BUAH DARI KAK REKSAYOGYAKARTA. (02/03). Commemorating National Nutrition Day 2017 which falls on 25 February, volunteers of Rumah Zakat Yogyakarta with Cita Sehat Foundation today held a campaign on the importance of eating fruits which regularly in SD Juara Yogyakarta.

The campaign is intended for all students Champion ranging from class I to class IV student. At exactly 08.00 pm, Cita Sehat with Rumah Zakat volunteers commenced with morning gymnastics followed by Duha prayer in congregation. After Duha prayer, then a team of volunteers started the campaign. Reksa, a volunteer who managed to steal the attention of students through a unique fairy tale, he explained about the benefits of fruits through a fairy tale, various fruits such as oranges, mangoes and others.

“The oranges have a lot of vitamin C in its body. While, the carrot have a lot of vitamin A, “said Reksa. After satisfied entertained by fairy tale about fruit, volunteers with Cita Sehat Team encouraged the students to make fruit stick. The students are very enthusiastic about preparing their fruit stick.

“It was really fun, the fairy tale about fruit from kak Reksa. We so quickly memorized the nutrient content in the fruit. After that we made fruit stick. Thank you brothers and sisters have visited our school, “said Nurul Hafidzoh, grade II SD Juara Yogyakarta.

Newsroom/ Nurul Rahayu

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