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On Wednesday, November 25, 2015, , SD Juara Pekanbaru implementing Outbound Champion. The Outbound carried out at Fishing Park khairul in Tapung Kampar District. At 08.00 am o’clock students from first grade to sixth grade had already set off to the location. In total there are 100 students who participated in the event, accompanied by 14 teachers. Students set off by bus and arrived at the outbound site at 09.00.

Arriving at the location, the students had been welcomed by trainer team from Trustco Pekanbaru. Learners were very enthusiastic and excited because of the outbound site this time feels quite different from the atmosphere at the school. Green and beautiful environment, more over it is outdoor were enhancing the students enthusiasm.

The event began with the opening and the direction from the principal Mr. Suriksodi Saputro,ST “These activities train the independence and courage of the students, because students must be prepared to be the tough generation, brave and independent in the future because the challenges are getting bigger and the children are the ones who will live it up” said Suriksodi Saputro, ST In addition, the event was held in preparation for students before the semester exams in December.

There are four challenge games that should be conquered by students of SD Juara pekanbaru in this outbound namely high impact games and team building: Two Line Bright, Spider Net, Team Building and Maze. Students’ adrenalin aroused when they see the challenges. Evidently students of SD Juara pekanbaru have courage and mental strength as they scramble to try every game.
After trying the entire challenge one of the students Shafiyah said, “It’s awesome, I did not feel scared but happy to play along.” The events ended at 14:00 after all the participants carried out midday praying and have lunch together. ***

Newsroom/Adi Hamdani

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