INDRAMAYU. Friday (11/24/2017) “Alhamdulillaaah,” simultaneously participants of private Birena Al Barokah said hamdallah when completing their agenda today.

Not only the routine of opening the tadarus with the Revelation of the Qur’an which is almost the first 20 verses of the Surah An Naazi’at. But the material of this class is filled with the application of Gratitude to Allah with the abundance of harvesting the mango in this fruit season the village of Kertasemaya.

Mango harvest this time is really the grace of God that is also utilized by the Facilitator, Asih Mayasari to provide the skills to process the mango fruit into sweets became the favorite of the participants’ course and private this time.

All participants are involved starting by picking, washing, peeling, cutting and making sweets consisting of sugar, salt, and boiled red chilies and after a cold just mixed with mango.

To make sweets, the children need to be patient because the process of making sweets will be through the sanctuary for 1 hour until the herbs absorb.

While waiting, the participants are invited to seek lessons and lessons from today’s activities.

“Thankful for being able to eat manga fruit,” said Eca one of the participants.

“Abundant fruits can be sold to earn money for school purposes,” Dea said eagerly

“If I were, so I could give my mum to my friends,” said Red, the third-grade elementary school student who has memorized QS Annaa’ziat until the end of this verse.

Subhaanallah. all the answers were given a thumbs-up by “Ummi,” a greeting for loyal Asih Mayasari guiding them every week.

It did not take an hour to pass. It is time to close this agenda with Hamdalah and continued with prayers before eating .

“Alhamdulillah” is grateful for the greater enjoyment of eating from the work and the processed ones. Sayur Asih.

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