By: Imron Baehaqi

People who are being tested with physical pain may feel restless and worried, then wonder in their hearts. Does the disease they are suffering have a cure? If there was, would he recover after finding and taking the medicine?

In the book of Ath-Thibbun Nabawi (Medicine of the Prophet SAW) written by Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyyah, a number of narrations were found that explained, every disease that Allah sent down there is medicine for it.

As told in Musnad Imam Ahmad, from Ziyad bin Ilaqah, from Usamah bin Syuraik, he told about some of the Bedouin men who asked the Prophet Muhammad about the ability to seek medical treatment. They asked, O Messenger of God, can we seek treatment? He answered, Yes, servants of Allah, get treated! Because, every time Allah creates a disease, surely Allah also creates a cure, except for one disease.

They ask, what is the disease O’ Messenger of Allah? He replied, the disease of getting older.

In another lafaz, it is said, Every time Allah decreases a disease, surely Allah decreases his cure. However, there are people who know it and there are people who do not know it. (HR Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi).

From this story, the Prophet SAW gave us very valuable information. That every disease suffered by humans has a cure. This certainly becomes very important, especially for those who are experiencing and illness, mild or severe in order to remain optimistic, patient, pray, and continue to try to recover from his illnesses.

Because not a few people become pessimistic or hopeless because his pain did not heal. Even worse, if it is at the level of prejudice against Allah, which is characterized by an attitude of anger, reluctance to pray, leave worship and so on.

Including worse despair is to go to the shaman to seek treatment or other practices which results in a big sin. Because his faith and monotheism have been damaged, one could end their life by committing suicide, because of the pain they suffered. May we be kept away from despair and bad deeds such as this.

Medicating in syar’i ways is a matter ordered in Islam. Every believer should be sure and optimistic, every disease has a cure.

Be assured, the nature that heals all these diseases is because of Allah’s permission. Wallahu Al-Musta’an.


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