PONOROGO. Bridge of sesek or bridge of Wanglu Hamlet is a bridge located in Hamlet Krajan RT 03/04 Mrayan Village, Ngrayun district, Ponorogo regency. It was Initially built in 2008 by the surrounding community using wood and bamboo. In 2010 the village government undertook a semi-permanent construction, with the foundation already casted but the top / floors are still used wood and bamboo so it is slippery during the rainy season. There have been incidents of residents fell from the bridge due to slippery and damaged road, so some residents are afraid to cross it, especially for the elderly.

Alhamdulillah Wanglu Village residents now can breathe freely, many donors of Rumah Zakat through web moved to help the renovation of the bridge to be safer to be used. This renovation process was hampered considering the rainy season that fell long enough, finally the process of renovation of Wanglu Hamlet bridge can be done in July 2017.

The renovation of the Wanglu Hamlet bridge was carried out by the surrounding community that started last week (16/07). The target of this bridge renovation is the widening of the 2 meter road and the addition of the bridge supporting foundation / pile. The bridge repair process will be completed in early August 2017.

“I thank to the donors and Rumah Zakat Team for the donation and support, it is very useful, Alhamdulillah, soon the people here can have a good bridge” said Mr. Dukut, one of the local residents, Thursday (27/07).


Newsroom / Nur Shyfa

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