CISHARING HAPPINESS MOJU ADIRA INSURANCE - RZ DI MDTA CIKUASALEGON.On thrusday (05/12) Moju Adira Insurance – RZ with its mobile library program visited MDTA Cikuasa, Kota Cilegon, and bringing inspiration to many students there.

Adira Insurance – RZ Mobile library or commonly referred to Moju (Juara Car), In Monday (16/05) afternoon the team visited MDTA Cikuasa at Jl. TB. Remove Link. Cikuasa subdsitrict Gerem district. Grogol- Cilegon City.

This school is a school that does not have library facilities. Arriving at the location turned out to be moderate rain. Finally the library car team started its work at around 14:30. Although in the rain MDTA Cikuasa students remain so enthusiastically waiting for the team’s preparations Moju Adira Insurance – RZ.

This visit make Moju team touched because students MDTA Cikuasa so actively and closely follow the activities well.

“I am pleased with mobile library Adira Insurance – RZ, I learn so much and gain new knowledge. I had been participating in activities to listen to stories, watching educational movies and reading” Said Nurhasanah happy.

Not inferior to his students, the teachers, Mr. Bani also gave an expression of delight seeing agility and fun of children,

“Thanks to the RZ team Cilegon and mobile libraries for the visit which provide useful sciences to children, may be you will come back.” He said in a speech.

Newsroom / Abdurrohim

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