SHARING HAPPINESS, SUPPORT SARANA PRASARANA BELAJAR KELOMPOK BERMAIN JUARA MAKASSARMAKASSAR. Child is an asset for the future. Not only for the civilization of a nation, but much of the child is also an asset for the life in hereafter. Children are like a white paper, we can draw any pattern in accordance with what we expect. Character and personality of a child is influenced by their surroundings and interaction with closest people.

Age of 0-6 years old is the Golden Age for the development of children’s intelligence, and therefore at that age generally children are given educational games to stimulate brain development, besides that at that age children also begin to learn discipline, social, and the value of everyday basis. Therefore, the environment and a good education, it would be very important to form habits and character of a child.

Juara playgroup is one part of the development of non-formal education initiated by RZ. The study group focused on growth and the potential development of early childhood optimally. The objective of Juara Playgroup is to develop the potential of spiritual intelligence, intellectual, emotional, and social skill of learners early on. Playgroup is located in Dg Regge 2 raya no 13. Rappokalling Subdistrict Tallo district, Makassar, the area where the playgroup placed is somewhat vulnerable to social problems, a hard life makes children should be able to adapt or eroded by bad environment on their small age.

Economically the students come from underprivileged, where parents work as daily laborers and also as scavengers who did not consider that the essential meaning of education. After establishing playgroup, slowly many families realized the importance of education so that many families who wish to leave their children in playgroup. However, the means and facilities it is still not optimal given Juara playgroup does not impose the cost to the parents.

Alhamdulillah with the kindness of RZ’s donators through website there is a provision for Juara playgroup. Assistance is provided gradually during the first week in August 2016. The aid was used to buy tables and chairs, whiteboard, and uniforms, and also the renovation of the room. A total of 18 children of Juara playgroup benefited from this assistance.

“Alhamdulillah, with the help of RZ Donator through website, children can be helped. Now they are increasingly eager to school with new uniforms and more comfortable learning because classrooms are wider and beautiful, “said Taqim Makassari as Principal of Juara Playgroup.

“Thankyou RZ donators for the support in the charity program for learning facilities, hopefully we can give golden age of Indonesian children well as the future successor to the nation.” He concluded.


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