SHARING HAPPINES UNTUK BIAYA PENGOBATAN SABIRA, BOCAH PENDERITA ATRESIA BILLIERJAKARTA. Sabira Hurin Len, a child who was diagnosed with Atresia Billier at the age of 1 year. The initial symptoms characterized by abdominal bloating accompanied by yellow eyeball color, bleeding when defecating and had seizures for 5 days. The family brought her to physicians and laboratories to be checked to make sure what disease suffered by Sabira. Laboratory results stated that Sabira suffers from Atresia Billier disease.

Doctors advise the family that Sabira needs immediate surgery. In addition, Sabira also recommended to drink milk for Atresia Billier sufferer that is quite expensive.
Sabira’s Parents originally from Takengon, Aceh. But to cure his son, they took Sabira to Cipto Mangunkusumo in Jakarta for further treatment.

Alhamdulillah for surgery costs they got assistance from foundation that handles Atresia Billiter. Sabira undergone surgery in early August 2016 and then by performing liver transplants obtained from donors that his own father.

Sabira condition after sugery is getting better, she has been able to move as the lying prone and sitting. Even so, Sabira still need outpatient treatment for approximately 1 year and drink special milk. For one special milk bottles required for Sabira treatment her parent has to spend around Rp 250,000 and exclude further action in the form of regular medication which costs a lot.

Sabira was born from poor family. His biological father does not have a steady job, must toil to meet household expenses and medical expenses that are not cheap. It is a burden for her parents.

Alhamdulillah with the tenderness from RZ’s donator through Sharing Happiness program that is intended the cost of post-operative care and milk for Sabira. Assistance is provided on Friday (19/08) at his temporary residence Jl. Kramat Sawah III 001/002 Paseban, Senen, Jakarta Pusat..

“I thank donator profusely and RZ who have helped my daughter Sabira who suffers from Billier Atresia. Alhamdulillah now Sabira can be like other toddlers. However, Sabira still need to undergo outpatient treatment. May God repay donors and RZ which has helped my child “, Said Mr. Jefriza (34) Sabira’s father.

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