SHARING HAPPINESS WUJUDKAN KELAS BARU UNRUK MI CIPELAH 2CIANJUR. MI Cipelah 2 is the only elementary school in Mekarwangi Hamlet, Girimukti Village, Pasir Kuda, Cianjur regency. The public school is so far away from the village. MI Cipelah established since 1950 on waqaf land donated by one resident there. The access to MI Cipelah is tortuous with cobbled streets so need to be careful during the trip, if it rains, then the access roads could be impassable.

MI Cipelah classrooms built of wood and bamboo with thatched roof. The building consists of 4 classes with a size of 6 x 4 m, while the ideal size of a class that is at least 7 x 7 m. the Age of building that has long made the building collapse and cause a second class seriously damaged and cannot be used, one class damaged and unusable, while another class lightly damaged and is still used. However classrooms that still can be used in an inappropriate state.

Assistance from the local government acquired in 2009 by building three new classrooms. The new classrooms are used for three classrooms and one teacher’s room, so there is one room that is combined with the teachers’ room. Children who do not have class sometimes study in the school patio.

Alhamdulillah in 2016 there was help from one of RZ partners to build the first new classrooms but it is still inadequate. In January 2017 MI Cipelah 2 again get help from donators through RZ’s web. The aid was used to build two new classes that are located next to the old class that has collapsed.

When RZ team visited locations on Thursday (1/26), the development process has reached its final stages and painting to one classroom, while the process of building the other classroom is still in the stage of installation of foundations. Construction of this new class conducted by the local residents living in the surrounding area because the majority of livelihood there than as a farmer and laborer with no fixed income. Although the cost of building services in the region not as big as they receive in the city but they work to build the school because the school is the place where their children study.

“Having the support of the RZ and information about our school raised through, many media and local government who visited our school to see the goodness opportunities and help find to support the development of a new class. We thank you very much to RZ donators who have helped our school, meet the expectations of students to learn in the classroom were nice and comfortable, may Allah blessed you and healthy always. “, Said Mrs.  Aisha, Principal of MI Cipelah 2.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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