BANDUNG. Alifa Husna Firdaus (2 months) was born on November 2017, experiencing shortness of breath at the beginning of his birth, causing him to lie in the incubator and treated for 2 weeks. Alifa lives with her parents. Alifa’s father working in an income factory that is only enough to eat everyday would be hard if he had to pay the cost of Alifa Hospital for 1.5 million per day.

Friday (05/01) Zakat House team visited the residence of Mrs. Ida (mother of Alifa) in Gardu RT04 / RW26, Bandung to see the current condition of baby Alifa. From the results of the conversation is known that Alifa has a lung infection. “Alhamdulillah, Alifa condition is now gradually improving. Many donors who help Alifa including donations from donors Sharing Happiness, Rumah Zakat, “said Ida.

When I met at his residence, Mrs. Ida and Alifa were in good condition and had recovered. Another donation from crowdfunding is its use for in-patient costs at Ujungberung Hospital.
On Wednesday (10/01/2018) the team returned to visit Ida’s mother’s house to distribute aid for Alifa’s baby.

“I am very grateful to the donors of Sharinghappiness, Rumah Zakat who are ready to pay attention and help the healing of our baby. Hopefully what has been done by all parties can be rewarded by Allah SWT and become charity worship. Aamiin, “said Ida to the Rumah Zakat team visited and distributed donations.


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