JAKARTA. (03/10) – Shopee, the leading e-commerce company in the Southeast Asia  and Taiwan launched the #ShopeeBersamaPaluDonggala campaign under the initiative of Shopee For the Country. Taking place from 2 – 28 October 2018, the #ShopeeBersamaPaluDonggala campaign invited people to donate to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Donggala and Palu, Central Sulawesi.

For this campaign, Shopee has collaborated with four humanitarian agency partners, one of which is Rumah Zakat to offer and distribute various donation packages.

Rezki Yanuar, Shopee’s Country Brand Manager explained, “Shopee For Negeri is Shopee’s commitment to making a positive contribution to the people of Indonesia. Responding to a number of disasters that have just happened, we once again show our commitment to support local recovery efforts and play our role to help fellow Indonesians, “he said.

Rezki Yanuar continued after the series of earthquakes that occurred in Lombok last month, he saw the extraordinary support from our users who donated through the #ShopeeBersamaLombok campaign. We once again invite our users to join hands and join in helping victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Palu and Donggala.

“Like the #ShopeeBersamaLombok initiative, users can also choose a variety of shopee donation packages from the three institutions involved, ranging from Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 150,000. After selecting the donation package, users will receive a digital certificate as proof that their donation has been received, and then it will be processed by each of the institutions they choose, “Rezki explained.

In addition to raising donations among users, Shopee will also provide corporate donations as a form of support for disaster recovery in Palu and Donggala. Users can contribute by likes and sharing #ShopeeBersamaPaluDonggala photos on Shopee Instagram accounts. Every gift given is equivalent to a contribution of Rp. 3,000.

“As an e-commerce platform, it is very important for us to increase our reach to give back to the community. We hope that Indonesian people throughout the country can join us in this campaign, “Rezki concluded.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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