SIAGA SEHAT AJAK MASYARAKAT GEMARI BUAH DAN SAYURJAKARTA. On (23/02) Cita Sehat and Rumah Zakat held Siaga Sehat at PAUD Mekar Petogogan RW 02, South Jakarta. This activity started at 09.00 am to 12.00 pm. That event consisted of counseling, height measurement, and also PMT and 16 people who attended the counseling and 19 children who measured their height. After measuring their height, the children were given banana as PMT.

This counseling was talking about Importance of Consuming Fruit and Vegetables for Healthy Life. The participants seemed enthusiast and focus  on the material because the material is very useful, especially for parents to maintain the health of the family.

“I really appreciate this event, because it is very helpful to me as a mother and also for my child. This counseling made me realize that healthy life is very important, I have to implement it by regularly consuming fruit and veggies.  The children were also given a banana as PMT, I am personally very pleased and hope it can accustomed a child from an early age to consume fruits and veggies. Thanks Cita Sehat and Rumah Zakat, “said the Mrs. Lilik (44).

Newsroom / Nur Luthfiyana

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