PADANG SIDEMPUAN. Various disasters still come and go, Padang Sidempuan a city famous for salak fruit hit by earthquake that not only destroyed infrastructure facilities but also mental of community. The earthquake occurred since Tuesday, (11/06) in magnitude of 5.4 SR and then the aftershocks continue to arrive.


Tuesday, (7/18) Rumah Zakat Medan again lowered its volunteers to help victims of the earthquake of Sidempuan, 3 volunteers deployed to the disaster location in the village of Loublayan Sigordang. Volunteers provide assistance in the form of foodstuff, cooking oil, instant noodles, sugar, milk, snack and so on.


As a result of this earthquake 15 homes in the loublayan village severely damaged and 25 homes were slightly damaged. Some people have not dared to return home and choose to live in a simple tent for fear their homes collapsed if the earthquake hit again.


The direct assistance was handed over to the community and symbolically handed over to the person in charge of the post, Andi Harahap (42), “Thanks Rumah Zakat  team that has come all the way here to give help, we thank you very much what give for us, Loublayan residents “, he said.


Aid in the form of food and building materials is also needed by the community. Assistance from the social services has arrived at the disaster site but still not fulfilled the necessary of residents.


Andi Sibuhuan (59), one of the residents whose house was severely damaged, said, “My house was badly damaged, I have not dared to return home because aftershock earthquakes are still frequent,” he said sadly to the volunteers. “Grief Sidempuan today is the sorrow of us , let’s together we lighten the burden of our brothers, material assistance, basic materials are very necessary”, Arief Ilhadi noted as field coordinator.

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Padang Sidempuan

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