SIMULASI BENCANA GUNUNG MELETUS UNTUK SEKOLAH BINAAN PELAJAR SIAGAKEDIRI. Wednesday (10/05), Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Kediri again held a disaster simulation with the theme of Erupted Mount Meletus with 2 assisted schools in Disaster Preparedness (PSB) who came from SMAN 7 Kota kediri and MAN 2 Kota kediri.


The event which lasted from 07.00 to 11.30 was attended by 12 Rumah Zakat’s volunteers, 80 members of PSB, 28 representatives of each executive Sof MAN 7 Kediri, 6 members of FPAK, members of KSR UB, Stikes Ganesha, and 4 local tv stations in City of Kediri.


The event began with the division of participants according to their own cluster, including the team BPBD, DANDIM, DANLAP, Chief of Police, Evacuator, team triage, Volunteers, Public Kitchen, Journalist, Field Hospital, Referral Hospital, and also some trainers who help smooth Implementation of each cluster.


Simulation of disaster held in this even are TRC, assassment, SITREP, PPE (Relief Search and Evacuation), fire fighting simulation, PPGD & MFR, vertical rescue, field and referral hospitals management, public kitchen management, And medical ambulance.


“Disaster preparedness students are one of the great programs that really need to be appreciated, I appreciate the willingness of colleagues to study with Rumah Zakat volunteers team” said Mr. Abin, donatoor of Rumah Zakat House who have basic safety work when submitting evaluation.


“I applaud the existence of disaster preparedness students program conducted by volunteers, especially this program is intended for high school. Hopefully in the future this program can continue to run “said Wahyu, as a member of KSR UB, who during the evaluation gave sharing experience to volunteer in Aceh Tsunami 2004.


“Alhamdulillah, I say thank you very much for Rumah Zakat who have held a disaster preparadenes student program. The simulation that lasted for 6 months is very remarkable. At least the participants of PSB already have basic and description about disaster and action to be done during disaster. Hopefully in the future we can continue to synergize each other to develop this program “Rizki said as a companion of PSB from SMAN 7 Kediri.


The activity continued with a meal together, followed by the delivery of certificates, merchandise, taking photos, and closed with the dismantling of tents performed with Rumah Zakat’s Volunteer, PSB, and BPBD Kediri.

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