RZ LDKO CilegonSEMARANG. Almost all agree that zakat is one form of Islam attention in tackling poverty. This potential can be developed through productive empowerment program. Which is help is given in the form of economic aid that can increase family income even local residents.

It truly felt by one of the beneficiaries of RZ economic empowerment assistance in Semarang. Imam is creative nations who bring in an idea that can make a product called Neriz Painted Veil with the tagline “Maestro Painted Veil”.

Naming is done to improve product market and preparing for competition in cyberspace online shop. Logo and tagline is a result from a synergy of Mr.imam as the owner and Ms. Desty as donators RZ and initiated by RZ facilitator.

“With the appearance of unique and interesting logo, as well by adding product tagline neriz painted veil it is expected to expand the market and generate a turnover that doubled from previous,” said Imam.

In addition, to raise the level of consumers, packaging innovation was performed which was previously the product just wrapped using common plastic bag, now neriz painted veil products are also available in the mica tube packaging more attractive and practical when it is displayed at the bazaar event or exhibition.

“In the future this product will join exhibitions or fairs frequently,” said Imam vigorously. ***

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