RZ LDKO CilegonJAKARTA. The area around SD Juara Jakarta is a very densely populated area of the underprivileged. The majority of his community work as laborers, scavengers, road singers, and traders which are less concerned about education.

With the presence of SD Champion Juara Jakarta located in Cakung certainly gives positive impact to the environment. Not only children around the site can attend the free school, but also they are trained and educated to be a very good student and have a noble character, not only in terms of academic and religious, also in the development of their potential.
One of place that can facilitate the students regarding their talent is through extracurricular. Of course there are various extracurricular in SD Juara Jakarta and one of extracurricular that become most favorites extracurricular is marching band. Surely in this extracurricular activity requires tools used during the activity.

Seeing these conditions, ZIS At-Taqwa in collaboration with RZ distributed aid in the exempt assistance Sekolah Juara program. This assistance is provided to support facilities of marching band extracurricular activities.
“Thank you so much to the ZIS At Taqwa donators, SD Juara Jakarta timer and RZ because of your help, I can practice marching band. I am getting better in playing marching band. May God repay all the kindness of the donators”, Said Nurbaeti, student of SD Juara Jakata timur. (26/11). ***


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