SINERGITAS CARE FOR TEENS SURABAYA DENGAN KAMPUNG PINTARSURABAYA. Friday (28/04), Care for Teens Surabaya held a joint activity with KAPIN (Kampung Pintar) Gresik at An-Nur Boarding School Desa Sidorejo Gresik. The event which was attended by about 70 participants started from 09.00 – 11.00 WIB. Care for Teens Committee involved in this activity there are 6 people, Ilham, Rohman, Boanita, Zulfia, Farida, and Ilafi.

This time the event is filled with materials how to brush teeth and wash hands properly, interspersed with some exciting games. Education and practice about tooth brushing makes the participants enthusiastic and understand about how to brush teeth properly. All participants tried to practice it and promised to brush their teeth regularly and correctly.

The second session was filled by Ilafi and Farida providing materials on how to wash hand properly. All the participants of the activity were taught to wash their hands properly by singing to make them easy to remember. The participants were very enthusiastic to practice it.

“Care for Teens Goes to Gresik is very rewarding and enjoyable, hopefully in the future we can share with richer and more interesting material, Thank You Care For Teens Surabaya” Fitri Dwiyanti said the owner of KAPIN.

At the end of the event, Ilham filled the activities with games themed “Have i understand?” Participants were assessed for their level of understanding from the answers on the questions asked. Games provided went exciting and very interactive because the participants understand the material that has been previously submitted.

“The exciting activity is the key to deliver the message to be conveyed, playing and singing is one of the easy-to-understand submissions by everyone” Ilham Akbar said, PIC Care For Teens Surabaya.

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