SINERGITAS RUMAH ZAKAT DENGAN PEMERINTAH KECAMATAN CIBEUNYINGBANDUNG. Monday (05/08) morning, Fadhli representatives from Public Health Rumah Zakat Bandung attended a coordination meeting in Rumah Zakat’s assited area, Cibeunying Kaler District.

Coordination meeting was attended by District Secretary Cibeunying Kaler, Head of Cibeunying local health centre, PKP Cibeunying Kaler District, and representatives from BPPKB Bandung.

“The agenda of this meeting is about the criteria of the target area and the application of various programs of Rumah Zakat which can be synergized so that the program can expand the positive impact” said Fadhli.

Rumah Zakat is committed and has a goal to become a non-governmental institution in the field of humanity that benefits the community. To achieve these goals, Rumah Zakat continues to seek synergy with various parties, including the government.

“The arrival of the Rumah Zakat team is awaited. Hopefully this innovative and structured program can be collaborated with us. Hopefully in the future the benefits of Rumah Zakat’s health program can result widespread impact,” Hilda said, District of Secretary Cibeunying Kaler.

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