SISWA JUARA ANTUSIAS OUTING KE PASAR TRADISIONAL DAN MODERNPEKANBARU. On Wednesday (15/03) Students Class III SD Juara Pekanbaru, amounting to 22 people was doing outing to traditional markets, namely the Kodim market and to modern market, namely Plaza Senapelan.

The outing activities carried out in the framework of the Thematic Social Science subjects which aims to enable students directly find the atmosphere of traditional markets and modern markets, as well as buying and selling activities each day. Student can also find out directly what kind of market based merchandise, which consists of 4 types, namely:

  1. The Central Market is a market that sells vegetables and fruits
  2. The flea market is a market that sells second-hand goods
  3. The fish market is a market that sells various types of fish
  4. The animal market is a market that sells various types of animals.

Mrs. Reni classified the students into 4 groups of 5 to 6 people. Before students entering the market Mrs. Reni gave some tasks that should be asked to the merchants including: trader name, age, duration of trading, turnover or profit per day.

Teachers are also exemplified how to ask politely to the traders and how to ask the traders. All students are very enthusiastic and eager to question the traders. They eagerly down the market looking around where traders are not too busy to be questioned, this outing activities run smoothly and fun.

Salsabila, one of the student was pleased to take this outing. By holding this outing Salsa was getting better understanding about the material by direct observation and asking questions directly to the traders. “So happy I can go to market and directly talked to the merchants. I love it,” she said enthusiastically.



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