SISWA JUARA BOYONG PIALA DI ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIP JAKUTJAKARTA. At (26/02) on a sunny Sunday morning M. Kahfi, Addar and Fawaz, Students of SD Juara Jakarta Utara took a part on “Archery Championship” North Jakarta at GOR Koja, which was attended by the Perpani DKI referee, Coach Denny.

Kahfi and Addar which are 5th grade students of SD Juara Jakarta Utara participated in the 5 m category at the competition, while Fawaz, 2nd grade student of SD Juara Jakarta Utara participated on 10 category.

They were accompanied by two teachers,  Mr. Pardiyanto  and Mr. Suprapto. Who always give the motivation and spirit to the students.

Archery is one of the new extracurricular in SD Juara Jakarta Utara. “Like what  Prophet Muhammad SAW said, ‘Teach your children archery, swimming and horse riding.’ of course we expect the students of SD Juara Jakarta Utara can have that skills as well.” said Suprapto.

This relatively new extracurricular was enthusiastically welcomed by the students. Even when there is information about the archery competition, the students especially Kahfi, Addar and Fawaz looked very enthusiast to participate. Although they just had a couple weeks to exercise, they were able to be the Winner. Kahfi won the 1st  Place and Addar won the 3rd Place of 5 m category, and Fawwas won the 3rd Place of 10 m category.

Lots of things supported them to get that success, especially their coach, coach Nana and coach Yana that intensely train and teach them about good archery techniques. Concentration and focus on the target are the keys.

“Congratulations to Kahfi, Addar and Fawwas. This is the beginning of your struggle. Keep spirit to make another achievement.” exclaimed Pardiyanto, escort of Siswa Juara.

Newsroom / Wiwid Widayanti

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