JAKARTA. In the framework of commemorating National Children’s Day, SD Juara IPC North Jakarta built by Rumah Zakat held kite painting event for the 6th grade with the theme “Achieving Dreams” on Monday (24/07). This activity started after the habitation and the implementation of Dhuha prayer in congregation, from 08.30 to 11.30 WIB.

When talking about ideals or dreams so many students that tell about their dreams, some of the wanted to be a police, pilot, machinists, soldier, doctor, teacher, engineer etc, even some of them wanted to be one of superhero character. The students were beyond enthusiast on that event, they painted their own dream on a kite happily.

Wiwid Widayanti as their homeroom teacher was also very happy to see children able to show their interest in a field. After knowing one by one ideals of her students, she gave them motivation to successfully reach the ideals. There should be an effort to achieve the dreams, it takes time and lesson to reach it. They must learn to be more responsible and capable of the things needed to make their dreams come true. “Dream as high as sky!,” her message to all sixth graders.

Afterwards a group of children distributed kites and began painting the kite. Intertwined a masterpiece among students, some paint a kite, there are prepared decorations and some are attached their ideals on the kite. Beside being able to hone skills and creativity, the children also learn which Team Work on this activity.

The group whose dream kite has been finished, can directly fly and play it. “Fly high my dream kite,” shouted Fachrifat. The activity ended with a smile of happiness from all students and teacher.


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