BANDUNG (13/8) SD Juara Bandung hands over donations to the victims of the Lombok earthquake. The disaster that struck Lombok on Tuesday (7/8) then did not escape the attention of SD Juara . All students on that day also immediately performed prayer together led by Mr. Ronny Lesmana Hartono.

They pray that earthquake victims will be given patience and sincerity. Besides praying, they also raise funds the next day. Wednesday (8/8) grade 4 children raise funds from all classes to help earthquake victims. “It happened to be that the morning was not yet on a snack, so we raised the funds early in the morning” said Ilyas, one of the 4th graders.

During the day they calculate the amount of money that has been collected. Masya Allah turned out to have collected 2,150,800. As it turns out, besides the children set aside their allowance, they also offer to be entrusted with money to help parents, uncles, aunts and other relatives in the home environment. The spirit of the children to raise funds is worthy of thumbs up. Seeing the enthusiasm of children who are so high regarding this fundraising, the school then has the idea to hold a direct raising to parents.

Saturday (11/8) at the time of the general parenting, schools assisted by 3rd grade class committee again held a fundraising for victims of the Lombok disaster. A general parenting where parents gather to receive lessons about parenting can be used as a means of raising funds. During the material, the 3rd grade class committee circulated charity box for victims of the Lombok disaster. Thank God, parents’ enthusiasm is not inferior to children.

On Monday (13/8) representatives from Rumah Zakat came to SD Juara Bandung to pick up the donations from parents and students. Alhamdulillah, the fundraising that was carried out twice was collected in a total of 5,420,400 rupiah. Hopefully the funds channeled are beneficial for those in need in Lombokthere. The school also thanked many children and parents who had participated in this fundraising.

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