RZ LDKO CilegonCIMAHI. Balanced nutritional intake is a must for children because it can determine their future growth and development. Therefore, RZ distributed nutritious food to the students of SD Juara Cimahi through Food Aid Program on Friday (15/5).

There were 147 students from 1st grade to 6th grade who enjoyed nutritious meal packages. Each package contains rice, fried chicken, soup, some fruits, and healthy drink. “We hope that they would be more healthy, productive, and smart,” Sani, a teacher of SD Juara Cimahi, said.

Food Aid Program (Gizi Sang Juara) is distribution of healthy and nutritious food package for underprivileged children who are registered as student of Sekolah Juara. Through the program RZ attempts to facilitate donors to share and prepare a healthy and smart generation.

“Thank you RZ and donors because the program is really beneficial for their physical growth and brain development in the future, may Allah gives His blessing and grace,” Pipit, the principle of SD Juara Cimahi, said. ***


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