SISWA SD JUARA HAFALKAN HADITS LEWAT WAYANG (2) Various activities are conducted so that students become familiar and can memorize hadith. Students of SD Juara Bandung under Rumah Zakat (RZ) guidance memorized hadith through puppet media. Media puppet is done to make students easier to memorize hadith given.

Tarkiz tahfidz Quran activity is part of the Pesantren Ramadan at the school that currently entering the 3rd day. This time, the activity is carried out differently from the usual so that the students more excited that the students learn Islamic material given.

“We made Pesantren Ramadhan with attractive as possible so that the children remain enthusiastically follow. Because during Ramadan children are less excited and sleepy during Pesantren Ramadhan so with the works made as a puppet after delivery of material, we hope there are special memories this Ramadan” said Nurliya, Teacher of SD Juara Bandung, Wednesday (06/15).

A total of 148 students ranging from first grade to sixth grade participated in Pesantren Ramadan. The event began with the Duha prayer, after that all students sit per group to memorize and recite the rote according to their target per class. Then proceed with memorizing hadith given.

“Hadith for 1st-3rd grade is hadith of charity, compassion, and do not be angry. While the 4th-6th grade is hadith of speak nicely, five cases before the five cases, and the obligation to study, “said Nurliya.

The whole hadith that has been memorized and then poured into the form of images like puppets” In this way, the students more easily remember the hadith that has been memorized. Hopefully they become more excited and most importantly can apply any hadiths memorized in everyday life, “said Enok Rohayati, Student Affairs of SD Juara Bandung.

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