YOGYAKARTA. Wednesday (09/08), After what happened to our Muslim Brothers in Palestine, various da’wah institutions and educational institutions helped by the raising funds as an effort to ease the burden of his brothers and sisters in Palestine, that also what the SD Juara Yogyakarta did.

Fundraising for Palestinians at SD Juara Yogyakarta is voluntary through a circular letter of notification to parents of students. This fundraising takes place a week.

At the end of last week on Friday (04/08), students were shown a video about the struggles of the Palestinian people. After the funds collected, one of the representatives of the students submitted the fundraising result in the office of Rumah Zakat Yogyakarta. Alhamdulillah the acquisition of the fundraising done by all elementary school students is as much as Rp3.040.000.

The principal of SD Juara Yogyakarta, Mrs. Lilik said, “This funding is for our Muslim brother, and alhamdulillah get the good response from parents, thank you for the cooperation of the father and mother of the students, hope that the bond between Indonesia-Palestinian brotherhood is always intertwined”. He said.

Through this program is expected in every self-embedded students a sense of concern for fellow Muslims. Because the believers are one with each other. As the word of Allah in the Qur’an “Surely the believers are brothers …” (Q.S Al-Hujurat: 10)

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