RZ LDKO CilegonJAKARTA. Begin with the failure of her husband to become ravine in the village, Siti Robiah and family emigrated to Jakarta, to start a new life. “At that time, I don’t know what to do,the important thing at that time for me is food, and my family can eat. Finally I applied to be a maid in Jakarta, “she said. She has been on that job only for a few months, after that, she and her husband decided to become a seller.

2008 became the starting point for Siti Robiah to become a chips seller. At that time her bussiness only fulfill daily meals need. And then in 2012 Siti Robiah acquainted with MDI in collaboration with RZ through ICD facilitator.

This acquaintance gives a good result for her business. Through the help of facilities and business infrastructure, Siti Robiah could develop her products into several variants and production was increased.
With hard work, perseverance, and open minded to receive some advice from the ICD facilitator, this middle-aged women now, she can enjoy amazing results for her business. Her product ”Berkah Chips” really give Blessing for her family. From the profit of her business, she, the mother of 3 children could bought one car and four motorcycles.

She used the vehicles to transport raw materials which are located very far and sell their products. “Alhamdulilah, with the presence of these vehicles, the production can increase more, expand the target market, and increase the profit,” said Siti gratefully. ***


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