SMK PETERNAKAN JUARA MTT SUBANG BERHASIL BIAKAN SAPI BX (2)SUBANG. Happy atmosphere enveloped SMK Juara Subang MTT. After on Monday, March 7, 2017, a BX cow breed to a male calf, and on Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 10.30 pm, another cow breed to a male calf. Until now, this means it has two cows breed in cowshed laboratory of SMK Juara Subang MTT which is the cooperation between PT Agrisatwa Jaya Kencana Pabuaran Subang and SMK Juara Subang. In the breed processes, all in handling by students of SMK Juara Subang MTT with supervision by the Chairman of the Program of Agribusiness Ruminant Mr. Edi Mardiana S.Pt. A crucial moment when the calf should breastfeed (colostrum) to its mother also passed well.

The purpose of BX cow breeding cooperation with PT Agrisatwa Jaya Kencana has yielded some important results, including students’ competence in dealing with cattle breeding increased, handling during breeding process and the postpartum period has been controlled well by the students and economic benefits in the form of ownership of two male calves for SMK Juara Subang MTT.

“Thus, we feel optimistic and confident that the competence of our students can be increased so that in the future alumni of SMK Juara peternakan MTT can compete and contribute much to the development of farms industry Indonesia, thanks Rumah Zakat, MTT, and also thanks to PT Agrisatwa Jaya Kencana on cooperation opportunity, Insya Allah, we will increase the scale of this wider cooperation for the common good, SMK Juara (inshallah), Yes We Can! “said Taufiq Ipik Principal of SMK Juara Peternakan MTT.

Newsroom/Arif Rahman


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