SMP JUARA BANDUNG IKUTI USBN HARI PERTAMABANDUNG. Monday (04/17) SMP Juara Bandung organized the first day of USBN (National Standard School Exam) with subjects PAI (Islamic Education). Exams were attended by about 47 students went smoothly. Computer Answer Sheet (LJK) will be checked by a scanner of Bandung City Education Department, while the description of the answer sheets will be checked manually by the school.

National Standard School Exam (USBN) was first conducted in 2007/2008 by the Department of National Education until now. Subjects tested in USBN are different with the subjects tested on the National Examination (UN).

USBN participants are students who are in the final level of the unit level of education, from elementary school, junior high school or vocational school, everyone is obliged to take the test. “This USBN is technically delegated to the City District Government and operational techniques are also delegated to the respective school,” explains Head of Bandung Education department, Elih Sudiapermana. On the other hand, the exam Elih said that 25% is the result of the preparation of the Ministry of Education and 75% of the education department.


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