BANDUNG. There are times when we do not know exactly the environment around us, especially public facilities such as transportation, sports, trade, health and others.
Related to the problem, Achievements Motivation Training (AMT) for students of SMP Juara Bandung that held on Thursday (20/07) tried to introduce students to the environment around the school.

Students are divided into small groups according to their generation. Then, the group was equipped with assignments and places to visit. Some of the places include the Cimekar Train Station, Panyileukan Angkot Terminal, Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, Panyileukan Health Center, Panyileukan Elementary School, Apothecary, Mosque, etc.

According to Silka Shafanisa, LSU of SMP Juara Bandung, AMT activity with the theme “Loving Environment around School” is also aimed to foster the value of piety, fighting power, love environment, habitual worship, manner, courtesy in students of SMP Juara Bandung.

So in addition to visiting the place, SMP Juara Bandung students were also required to perform the worship in the mosque, ask the facility manager about the function of the place, then take pictures together while campaigning for the love of the environment and then uploaded to Instagram and mention to SMP Juara Bandung, and Rumah Zakat’s account.

Radhi, the 8th grader was happy and admitted that this activity was beneficial to him, because it made him aware of the school environment and can improve his fighting power.


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