SMP JUARA BANDUNG LUNCURKAN GERAKAN CINTA SEKOLAHBANDUNG.Launch of the Movement of Love Schools by SMP Juara Bandung on Friday (09/02) became a historic day for SMP Juara Bandung. By starting morning call, the commander of morning call Tito Suhendar officially launched “Movement of Love Schools“.

Tito Suhendar, as Principal of SMP Juara Bandung invited all students, teachers and staff in the school environment in order to love school. “Because loving of the school, the entire community schools will be expected to maintain and be responsible for the school,” he said in the mandate of morning call in the launching of “Movement of Love Schools”.

“There will be some school programs relating to Movement of Love Schools” said Agung as Vice Principal of student affair in SMP Juara Bandung. With this motion is expected that all of the school community have the determination to love SMP Juara.

This activity is interspersed with the signing of a joint commitment at the top of the banner that has been provided. From teachers, students, faculty and staff of SMP JUara Bandung opt to sign it.

The launch of the ” Movement of Love Schools ” covered with clean-up movement around the school. This activity itself was attended by approximately 150 students as well as teachers and employees in SMP Juara Bandung.

Some students who met after the launch activities revealed that they are ready to support the school program. Their readiness shown by participating and supporting the entire program has been prepared and planned by the school. So also with the teachers and employees in SMP Juara Bandung, they were delighted and welcomed this event as well. Expected after this activity was launched, the level of discipline students can improve.


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