asyik-ekskul-drumband-hadir-di-sd-juara-cilegonCILEGON.Quran is the source of legislation in Islam. By memorizing Qur’an a person IS more easily in learning the science of religion. Memorizing the Qur’an to do since a young age and would be very well done early.
It is also being pursued student of SMP Juara Bandung through Quran Mukhoyam with the theme “Print Quranic Generation who Ready to Rock the World” on Wednesday (12/21) to Thursday (12/22).

Tito Suhendar the principal of SMP Juara Bandung in his opening remarks said, “Through this event, we hope that student’s graduate of SMP Juara Bandung could have at least 2 JUZ Quran memorization” So he said.

This activity is also filled material on how to memorize the Quran by Ustadz Ali Muhammad from Pondok Qur’an Bandung. Ustadz Ali stressed that Memorizing the Qur’an it is very easy, As Allah says in the Qur’an Surah Al-Qomar paragraph 17.

This two-day activity attended by 148 students of SMP Juara Bandung and teachers and staff by adding their rote then tested by Pondok Qur’an team. Agung Nuryadi, Vice Principal of Student Affairs of SD Juara Bandung at the same time the executive coordinator of activities expressed hope that the students can have discipline, patience and fighting spirit in memorizing the Qur’an.

Not just memorize the Qur’an, to improve the quality of ruhiyah Mukhoyam Qur’an is filled also with activities of Tahajjud in congregation led by Ustadz Jaka as a priest.

Newsroom/Arif Rahman

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