PemeriksaanPEKANBARU. SMP Juara Pekanbaru was conducted students’ medical examination in collaboration with Clinic RBG. This activity is conducted routinely held every month in order to determine the health of students in general.

Medical examination was conducted on Thursday (11.05.2015) at 09:00 to 12:00 pm, located in Scholl Medical room. The medical examination was conducted by Dr. Uli and accompanied by a nurse from RBG clinic, total students in grades 7 who were examined are 50 persons, Due to time limit not all the students get examined in this occasion.

The medical examination began with height measurement, and then the students convey the current health conditions to the doctor. After that, the doctor examined students’ dietary habit and daily life routine, all of those matters is examined because students are in a transitional growth phase. In the end of the examination the students were allowed to take milk which had been prepared by RBG clinic free.

Ilham, a 7th grade student said that he was very happy with this medical examination, because it can examine his health which has been unstable lately. The medical examination brings positive impacts for all students, especially for students who fell unwell. The medical examination will be conducted continuously in other class on next month.

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