smp-juara-sabet-4-medali-di-porkot-taekwondo-pekanbaruPEKANBARU.(11/28) Taekwondo championship in the event of PORKOT Pekanbaru held on 26-27 November. PORKOT Pekanbaru City aims to find athletes who will be commissioned in the Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) in Kampar, Riau 2017.

In this championship, SMP Juara Pekanbaru incorporated in TIM ITC Juara Pekanbaru sent 8 athletes, they are Taufiq, Mela Anjelia Putri, Wahyu Rendiansyah, M. Dicky, Aisyah Citra, Putri Khairunnisa, Vina dan Adrian Pratama.

In the match held at Takraw Building, Purna MTQ field was attended by about 100 participants. On the first day TIM ITC Juara pekanbaru managed to get 2 bronze medals in the name of Adrian Pratama and M. Dicky and one silver medal in the name of Aisyah Citra. While on the second day Mela Anjelia Putri managed to get one bronze medal after stopping in the semi-finals. While Mega Lestari secured the second gold medal after previously also obtain a gold medal in the PORKOT event.

Thus the medal tally of TIM ITC is 1st gold medal, one silver medal and three bronze medals.

In this game, students showed a full of spirit match and uphold sportsmanship. “Students already give their best effort in matches and in the future will always be improved in order to rank better.” Wahyu said as a companion.

Additionally, Syahrul Padillah, S. Pd as the head of Pekanbaru school junior champion expressed his pride, “Thank you to all those who have supported the struggle of the students of SMP Juara PORKOT Pekanbaru, especially taekwondo coach, as well as Teachers SMP Juara Pekanbaru. And thanks also to RZ donators who have been donating so that the learning process and teaching at SMP Juara Pekanbaru. The most special for all Taekwondo students of SMP Juara Pekanbaru who has struggled for 2 days for school“Syahrul explained.

Newsroom/Syahrul Padillah

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