sosialisasi-cerdik-gugah-wawasan-kesehatan-masyarakat-malangMALANG. Cita Sehat in cloboration with RZ organized SMART campaign to prevent not communicable diseases in Malang. There was a different atmosphere in the waiting room of Bantur health center. The visitors who are waiting their turn look serious listening to the explanation submitted by Fildzah and Risyda, a team of Cita Sehat and RZ who are alumni of Brawijaya University Faculty of Health.

Cita Healthy as one Non Governmental Organization engaged in field of health in collaboration with RZ conducted socialization of SMART Program in Bantur Health Center, Malang. The activity was attended by 50 people, preceded by an introduction and explanation of the purpose of activities carried out by a Cita Sehat team with RZ. Continued with the presentation of material by Fildzah and Risyda, They explained the material surrounding about Non-communicable disease.

“Non-communicable diseases are diseases that cannot be transmitted to others. Non-communicable disease usually occurs due to hereditary factors and unhealthy lifestyle. Although we are close to or in contact with the body of the patient, but we will not be infected with the disease. “Fildzah explained.

The activity is one of the educational efforts regarding preventive measures non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism, ulcers, hypertension, osteoporosis, depression and others. The word SMART in bahasa means CERDIK that have extension of :
1. Check Health Regularly
2. Avoid Smoke of cigarette
3. Do Sport Regularly
4. Balance Diet
5. Rest properly
6. Manage stress
The Steps are packed into Socialization of #Cerdik Prevent non-Communicable Diseases to be easily understood and remembered by the public. This activity is organized with the hope to add insight to the public health, so as to reduce the number of patients with non-communicable diseases in Indonesia, particularly in Malang.

“It was nice to have new knowledge. While waiting queues I can learn about CERDIK. This was the first time there is socialization. Hopefully I can apply later. “, Said Teguh (57), one of the participants of socialization.

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