BALI. The eruption of Mount Agung continues to increase from the phreatic to magmatic phase (since the observation of the fire at the peak at night on Saturday, 11/25/2012) at 21:00 WITA, causing constant thick ash of ash to reach a height of 2,000-3,400 meters from the peak.

Continuous ash puffs are sometimes accompanied by explosive eruptions accompanied by a weak sound that sounds up to 12 km from the summit. The rays of fire are increasingly observed in the next night. This indicates the potential for a larger eruption is imminent.

To anticipate all possibilities and risks of disaster, PVMBG has raised the status of Gunung Agung from Alert (level 3) to Awas (level 4) starting from Monday, (27/11/2017) at 06:00 WITA. Beware Status is the highest status in volcano status.

Refugees are spread in 7 districts around Gunung Agung in Badung regency with 5 points (35 people), Bangli regency as many as 17 points (465 people), Buleleng regency with 10 points (2,423 people), Denpasar regency with 6 points (343 people) , Giayar regency as many as 9 points (182 people), Karangasem regency of 54 points (7,852 people), Klungkung regency as many as 21 points (3,590 people) and Tabanan regency as many as 3 points (252 people). Displacement conditions scattered in many locations to be a challenge for volunteers Rumah Zakat team in distributing the aid.

“We are continuing to coordinate with the local BPBD in distributing aid. Until now, refugee data collection continues to be done by BPBD, and estimated the number is still growing, “said Sujay Saputra, Volunteers Rumah Zakat.

To respond to the condition of Gunung Agung entering the Alert level, Rumah Zakat has deployed 7 volunteers who will serve in the distribution of logistics, comprehensive field assessment of the field, and psychosocial assistance for affected residents.

“We have started to spread the mask to the residents, Monday morning (11/27/2017) because the volcanic ash began to disturb breathing,” said Sujay.



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