sujud-_160416232615-764By: Ina Salma Febriany

Allah Al-Khaliq, the Creator of everything that exist in the heaven and earth, his power is Supreme and Infinite, creates and destroy what He wills. Similarly, human beings as one of His creatures live in the lines that have been fated.

Not only created, Allah is the one who bear all necessities (needs) of His creatures whether requested or not. Allah Almighty also provides sustenance, unconditionally and expect a reply. Therefore, as a weak man, we must realize that everything what belongs only comes from God, this body should be used for worship; prostrate (Sujud) is one of them.

the origin of prostrate (Sujud) is to bow down and grovel. This word is used to express the submission and worship of God. Prostration generally applicable, include humans, animals, and inanimate objects. Therefore, this prostration has two forms: takhyir prostration is prostration which only exists in humans and to him he gets the reward.

Secondly, taskhir prostration is done by humans, animals, plants. (Raghib al-Ashfahani, 2010: 168). As in the words of Allah, “And unto Allah falleth prostrate whosoever is in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly, as do their shadows in the morning and the evening hours. ” (Surah Ar -Ra’d: 15)

Prostration that we conducted at least at the five daily prayers, indeed to some extent will affect the quality of our lives. Questioning about prostration, in surah al-Baqarah verse 34 also mentioned about the rejection of Satan when God told him to prostrate (homage) to the Prophet Adam. This apparent devil disobedience because the devils have a lot of arrogance, considered himself as the most respectable and most excellent.

This is particularly relevant to the human condition where hard to prostrate. Hard for them prostrate due to shyness, lazy or busy and so forth reasons caused by the disease (maradh). Al-maradhu is the condition of the body when it lost balance.

There are also two types of the diseases, first, the physical diseases is diseases that affects part or whole body. Second, spiritual diseases which includes various kinds of evils such as ignorance, infidelity, miserly and hypocrites. As in the word of God, ” In their hearts is a disease, and Allah increaseth their disease. ” (Surah al-Baqara: 10)

Hypocrisy, infidelity, bad character are parsimony with the disease, for several reasons one of which is capable of blocking the presence of the person acquiring the guidance of Allah, such as physical ailments that prevent the body to move perfectly. (Raghib, 353)

Therefore, let’s make the moment of the end of Ramadan as a good time to fix the prayer, maximizing remembrance, multiply alms, and take advantage of the night to perform i’tikaf, looking for the virtues of lailatul qadr, as recommended by the Prophet. Because we never know whether God still gives age in the next Ramadan?, let’s take advantage of the last ten nights; perhaps, this is our last prostration …

Allahumma inna-Ka ‘afuwwun kariim, tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘anna yaa Kariim…

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