tangan-prasangka By: Abdul Syukur

One day, Umar Khattab, Hudzaifah ibn Al Yaman, dan Ali bin Abi Thalib met somewhere. Then, Umar asked Hudhayfah ibn Al Yaman, “How are you this morning, O Hudhayfah?”

Hudhayfah replied, “O Commander of the Faithful! This morning I love slander, hate al haq, salah without taking ablution, and I have something on earth that is not owned by God in the heavens. ”

Hearing this answer, Umar was angry, “On the name of Allah! You make me angry! “Then Ali bin Abi Talib who listen the conversation of the two asked Umar ” What does make you angry, O Commander of the Faithful? ”

“Don’t you hear what was said by Hudhayfah?” Said Umar. Ali bin Abi Talib then explained, “O Commander of the Faithful! How true Hudhayfah and I am like him. As for his love of slander means his love of wealth and children, as the word of God, Your wealth and your children are only a fitna (temptation) “(Surah al-Taghabun [64]: 15).

“Meanwhile, the resentment against al-haq, the point is he hates death. Prayer without ablution is salawat to Prophet Muhammad. Meanwhile, what he owned in earth and God does not have in heaven is wife and son. Did not God do not have both? ”

The conversation of the three companions of the Prophet Muhammad teaches foresight to us about the nature of things. Allah mentions possessions we have and the children who are under our responsibility as a fitna (test/temptation), if we can treat both according to desired of Allah we are people who passed the test.

Conversely, when we cannot treat both of them in accordance with the desired God then we are people who are not able to overcome fitna of the world.

Hence our love to fitna, namely the wealth and children, as well as the pleasures of the world, we can hate al haq, something whose coming is certain, namely death, as He says, ” Every soul must taste of death, and We try you with evil and with good, for ordeal. And unto Us ye will be returned. “(Surat al-Anbiya: 35).

Meanwhile, the meaning of the prayer without ablution is salawat to Prophet Muhammad. Both have the same meaning in the sense of language, salah means prayer, and salawat means to pray for the good of the Prophet Muhammad.

Meanwhile, owned by human means his wife and children. This is confirmed solely by Allah in Surah al-Ikhlas verse 3, ” He begetteth not nor was begotten”

The conversations like this are beneficial to us, among other things. first, to hone our brains because a conversation like this requires extra intelligence to those who declare at once for the one who listen to it.

Second, self-awareness that we often face difficulties to face fitna (test) given by Allah Almighty. Thus, it could fall with excessive love. Third, the sanctification on Allah by realizing the difference between us as beings and Allah as the creator of universe


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