diet-ilustrasi-_141217102732-685The will to lose weight sometimes not in line with the ability to be consistent in maintaining a diet, one of the factors that cause a person difficult to control appetite is the saturated fat in the diet.

Italian research team found that foods containing saturated fats such as butter, cheese and fried foods cause brain is more difficult to control food intake. This is caused by fatty food affects parts of the brain that helps the regulation of hunger, the hypothalamus.

When consumed, bright researchers, a diet rich in saturated fat will cause inflammation in the brain. At the same time, foods rich in saturated fats will also reduce cognitive function.

As a result, people who consume saturated fat would be difficult to control what they eat, when to stop eating and what kind of food they eat. In other words, saturated fats can cause person eating saturated fat is harder to control their eating habits.

“Although the effects of high-fat diet on metabolism have been widely studied, little is known about their effects on the brain,” said one researcher Professor Marianna Crispino from University of Naples Federico II in Italy as reported by Financial Express.

On the other hand, the consumption of foods rich in unsaturated fats such as fish, avocado or olive oil give a different effect from saturated fatty foods. Results showed that brain function in people who consume unsaturated fats remain normal and can resist the desire to eat more than required.

From these findings, researchers concluded that the community needs to pay more attention to the type of fat they consume in their diet. Selection of the right kinds of fat, said Professor Crispino, can reduce the risk of obesity and also prevent several metabolic diseases.

“The difference is very clear and we were amazed to demonstrate the effects of dietary fat on the brain,” explained Professor Crispino.


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