KENDAL. “Assistance from Rumah Zakat in the form of business capital, I could made two carts. So I have alternative work now, “said Sumanto, beneficiary of economic assistance from Rumah Zakat in Patebon Village, Kendal.

Previously, Sumanto sold lontong sayur in front of his house. However, the place is not too strategic, make his business not running so smoothly. After getting help from Rumah Zakat, Sumanto then made a sate wagon.

Every morning, Sumanto and his wife, Jubaedah prepare the ingredients for sate such as charcoal, puncture sate, pieces of meat, and spices. Once ready, then Sumanto goes around complexes, schools and madrassah. One skewer is priced of Rp750. In a day, he can spend 360 to 400 skewers.

“Yes Alhamdulillah now my income increase. Especially now I got another business by selling meatballs. So if the stay business does not go well, I could sell meatballs. Hopefully, this business can be more expanded. The profits are also getting bigger. So i can use it as school fees for my children and living expenses “concluded Sumanto.

Newsroom/ Ria Arianti

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