JAKARTA. Turkish Anadolu Agency Journalist and InspiraTV took a shoot of Superqurban corned at SD Juara East Jakarta, built by Rumah Zakat on Tuesday (29/08) at 07.05. Student activities started from habituation prayers dhuha, learning activities in the class was also took by them. Several students and student guardians were also selected for the shooting of Superqurban. They were interviewed and became Superqurban models.

Representatives of student guardians under the guidance of Mandiri Daya Insani (MDI), Thoriq’s 4th grade mother and Yazid’s 5th grade mother, conducted a cooking demonstration of Superqurban processed foods in the school yard. They were making perkedel, omelette and spaghetti.

The shooting was also more interesting when students line up to get food like omelette and spaghetti that distributed by Jajam Sutrisman, as Facilitator of Rumah Zakat and Sahruldin, as coordinator of Rumah Zakat Volunteer Jakarta. A cheerful smile also emanated from the student’s face. The passion with the Superqurban delights was enjoyed by the students. “The Superqurban omelette was delicious, mom. The corned (Superqurban) alsoalready have halal labels on its can,” said Miranda, 4th grade student.

It was an incredible blessing, for students that could be involved in the shooting of Superqurban by Inspira Tv and Turkish Journalist Anadolu Agency. “It’s easy to direct the students involve on the shooting, and the Superqurban products from Rumah Zakat is also good,” said Surya Fachrizal as Turkish Journalist Anadolu Agency.

Superqurban is a product of Rumah Zakat in the form of corned. But this year there is a new variant of rendang corned. The existence of Superqurban is to provide benefits for victims of natural disasters and others. The beneficiaries of the Superqurban are students of Sekolah Juara, disaster victim, the needy, etc.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi

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