DFDEPONOROGO. On Sunday (21/08) RZ held SuperQurban Expedition 2016 Morosari village, district Sukorejo, Ponorogo. Morosari is one of 400 villages in Indonesia that have become RZ fostered village, or commonly known as the Integrated Community Development or ICD.

The village which is in the southernmost part of Sukerojo district, Ponorogo Regency has been selected because the residents are considered to have a variety of potential to develop excellent products of the village.

In addition to socialization SuperQurban and RZ, SuperQurban Expedition 2016 in ICD Morosari Ponorogo expected to motivate and be a part of guarding aqidah of local residents.

The event was attended by hundreds of Beneficiaries (PM) from the elderly is also enlivened with a variety of exciting race, including Corned Fried Rice Cooking Competition and Competition to Memorize Surah Al Maa’uun.

Cooking Contest followed by six teams that comprise of PKK cadres and Posyandu, while Sura Ma’uun Memorization Contest attended by 27 children from kindergarten to 6th grade students.

Temporal officer of Morosari Village Head, Husnuddin, SE said, “Alhamdulillah, I am grateful RZ present in Morsoari through Inspiration Volunteer program which is SuperQurban expedition. This is a new program for residents Morosari, “he said.


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