MALANG. Pak Sareh Sri Mulyo (95 yo) is one of the beneficiaries of the Superqurban corned program. He lives alone with his wife on Supriadi street, Gg. 11 No. 33 Rt. 06 Rw. 4 Exod. Sukun, Sukun district, Malang City.

Mr. Sareh’s family belongs to poor category. They seldom buy meat every month. Meat is a luxury food for this small family. They can only taste it on certain days only.
“Alhamdulillah I am very grateful with the help of Superqurban corned, hopefully all employees and the donors of Rumah Zakat will be always healthy, tough and showered by a lot of blessings”, said Mr. Sareh.

Mr. Sareh’s family condition is quite apprehensive. He lives with a wife who is paralyzed. Every day he sells milk by pedaling a bicycle. Milk merchandise is taken from Bandung street, after that he toured around Bandung street until return to his home. The work he does every day tirelessly.

Even his age is almost a century, it did not prevent him from continuing work. The economic burden he endured did not dampen his life spirits. He still looks healthy physically and mentally. Routine tahajud, sunnah fasting on Monday and Thursday, as well as fasting of prophet David is a secret why he still looks fit until now.



Newsroom / Nurul Ulfa Ajidin

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