KEBUMEN. Indonesia is one of the countries with a high prevalence of stunting (short). From the data of 2016 the prevalence of stunting in Indonesia is 26.1% or about 9 million children. This is a homework for Indonesia to lower stunting rates. Not to mention the health facilities that the community.

Rumah Zakat as a social institution is also present in the effort to improve people’s nutritional status. Rumah Zakat has provided support to Posyandu in Blater Village, Poncowarno Sub-district, Kebumenikan Regency for Supplementary Feeding for Toddlers (PMT) since May 2017.

“I am the facilitator of Rumah Zakat, my background is Nutrition Science and I’m concerned about the condition of public health, especially the nutritional status of toddler, malnutrition rate is still high in Indonesia I still see malnutrition around me. Rumah zakat through a senyum sehat program gives supplementary feeding support,” Syarifudin said on Wednesday (11/11).

Giving supplementary feeding is divided into two things in Posyandu Hamlet Krajan, Blater Village. First with the provision of PMT, we give additional nutrition to the toddlers. Secondly, with the interest of supplementary feeding, motivating parents of toddler to weigh the weight and height of children to posyandu, make the number of cangkupan visit to posyandu increased.

“During this 7 months, since Rumah Zakat supports posyandu, Alhamdulillah, there is an increase of toddler visit in Posyandu, it is expected from the data that will be taken intervention to improve the nutritional status of children under five years old” added Syarifudin.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to Rumah Zakat who has provided PMT support to Posyandu, so far the toddler visit increases and hopefully in the future the nutritional status of toddlers will also increase” said Marsiyah one of the posyandu cadres.


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