YOGYAKARTA. On Saturday (15/07) Relawan Inspirasi Kricak of Rumah Zakat was organized Syawalan event for citizens of Girimulyo village, Kulon Progo district, the city Yogyakarta. This Syawalan event was different because the whole food is made from cassava. “I want cemplon! I want sawut, I want to add kue lapis for my other child!” shouted the participants of the event when the committee served the food. They were beyond enthusiast.

The cassava that used to make that food was planted by the Beneficiary (PM) of Rumah Zakat, which then processed into various interesting and delicious food. Not less than 13 types of various food made from cassava was deliciously served on the table, consisted of: layers of cassava, tela-tela, lemet, kolak, cemplon, serawut, and others.

The participants were in love with the cassava food, some of them even brought them home after the event and there was nothing left.
“I hope this cassava food will be contested at Agustusan event (Indonesia independent day commemoration) to strengthening the relationship between the beneficiaries at Kricak.” Said Relawan Inspirasi.

In addition, this time Syawalan was getting exciting with the golden voice of Mutia, student of SD Juara Yogjakarta. He sang two songs in this event: Tak akan berpaling dari-Mu from Rossa dan Sepenggal Firdaus by Mrs. Budi, principal of SD Juara Yogjakarta. The participants were also enthusiastically sang along with Mutia, and not a few who captured the moment with their camera.


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