SYIAR QURAN, AZRIL MAKIN SEMANGAT BELAJAR QURAN BOGOR In “Smiles Sharing Ramadan” RZ actively distributed various Ramadan packages that include Syiar Quran (SQ).

Azril (7) is one of SQ beneficiaries in Lahan Cadangan village, Bogor. Azril want to be able to read Quran, he is a child living in Lahan Cadangan village, Bogor.

The village is situated in the middle of the tourist area of Puncak, Bogor. Although located in the middle of a luxurious environment, their lives are far from luxurious, even shortages. The electric facilities in the village are not available, moreover the children in the village do not attend school and never learned about religion. The majority of the population there lives as tea pickers.

Azril is very eager to learn Quran especially when he gets a new Quran in Ramadan this time.
“When will you go home? Please don’t go, tech me to read Quran like once you stayed her for a month, “said Azril. At that time I could not say much less listen to this innocent child.

“Thanks RZ for the new Quran, hopefully there will another volunteer who would teach the Quran in my hometown.” Reveal Azril.



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